40+ years of injection molding and expertise in plastic fasteners and buckles


Perfect team to meet your technical requirements and expectation. We have the most experienced R&D team from Taiwan and Mainland China, proficient manufacturing capacity, and exceptional quality for both standard and OEM/ODM custom components. 

Plastic Injection Machine

1Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN1350T1
2Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN1000T1
3Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN780T1
4Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN600T1
5Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN540T1
6Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN480T1
7Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN470T2
8Plastic Injection MachineTaiwan Brand450T1
9Plastic Injection MachineHAITIAN370T1
10Plastic Injection MachineAPOLLO, Taiwan Brands, etc.320T6
11Plastic Injection MachineAPOLLO280T2
12Plastic Injection MachineAPOLLO, Taiwan Brands, etc.150-250T30+
13Plastic Injection MachineTaiwan Brands, etc.80-130T40+
14Vertical Injection MachineTaiwan Brands, etc.Vertical models10+
Total    100+

*Taiwan Brands include OMC, Launch, HWA CHIN, etc.

Tooling Manufacturing Machine

1CNC MachineTaiwan Brands2
2Milling MachineTaiwan Brands15+
3Grinding MachineTaiwan Brands7
4Drilling MachineLocal Brand3
5Cutting MachineTaiwan Brands2
6Knife GrinderLocal Brand2
7Bench GrinderLocal Brand2
8LatheTaiwan Brands2
9Metal Cutting Band SawLocal Brand1
10EDM MachineTaiwan Brands10+
11WEDM-LSJapan Brand, Sodick2

Inspection Machine

Full list coming up soon. Questions about our workshop capabilities? Email [email protected] and we will get back to you soon


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