PCB Accessories

Professional Manufacturing / Full Sizing Specifications / Sincere Management

Plastic Fastener

Professional plastic fastener manufacturer / Factory direct supply / Quality assured

Wire & Cable Accessories

Fix wires in the chassis, Easy for maintenance, Save physical space, Quick to disassemble, Easy assembly, Stay firm and strong, Great insulation, Long product usage lifetime

Cable Tie

Made of UL approved nylon 66 with fire rating UL94V-2 UL94V-0, Acid resistant, Corrosion resistant, Great insulation performance, Strong resistance to aging

LED Spacer Support

Dual-LED Tri-LED Spacer Support, Multi-LED Spacer,Right Angle LED Spacer,LED Housing,LED Holder

Bushing, Grommet & Plastic Foot

Made of UL approved nylon 66 with fire rating UL94V-2 UL94V-0, ABS, TPR, PVC, PE, and other materials, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistant, long mechanical lifetime, very durable


Products authenticated by SGS RoHS inspection
ISO9001 & ISO14001

Quality Assurance

Just to guarantee the high quality of each piece

National & International Standard Products

Taiwan-Invested Factory in China
Own factory Manufacturing

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